When visitings the west and staying at Orange B Living

What to expect

The west coast of Puerto Rico is full of amazing places to visit, from great local restaurants to a laid-back nightlife, lots of art and cultural events, amazing cities to see, out of this world beaches, it is also very rich in natural wonders and the people are very passionate about sports. Come and explore everything we have to offer in Mayagüez and the wild wild west.

Appreciate living like a local

Founded in 1909 by Mr. Fransisco Maymón Palmer is known today for hosting plays and concerts. The historical Yaguez theater serves as a cultural, artistic and educational center for the region. Take a look at what will be going on during your stay at Orange B Living.

Events coming up:

Explore the city

Mayagüez is a college town located right in the middle of the western region. Rich in culture with its historic downtown and plaza. Our apartments are walking distance to the central plaza and its historic buildings.

Take joy with nature

The west has a great selection of beaches. You should find a beach that meets your expectations. Whether you looking to relax, swim, surf, snorkel, play or simply hang out and enjoy the island vibe.

Some great options to consider:

Leave no stone unturned

You will find several interesting hiking spots in the west, south, and central part of Puerto Rico. Here is a couple for you to consider:

Become a fan

Mayaguez is known for sports. It has teams for many sports, such as; Baseball, Basketball, Men’s Volleyball, Women’s Volleyball, and much more.

Stay up to date with games