Imagine yourself hiking in a beautiful scenic trail, surrounded by breathtaking views, breathing fresh air while receiving your dose of vitamin D we so much need. That could be your next adventure in west Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is full of amazing hiking locations. Some are challenging, others are but a walk in the park. But they all have one thing in common, they will amaze you! Let us show you a bit of Pico Rodadero in Yauco as one of the great options you will find when visiting the west and staying at Orange B Living.

1. Pico Rodadero, Yauco

When you begin your adventure, you realize that getting there is a big part of the trip. GPS is a must when visiting Pico Rodadero, and even using it, there is no guarantee that you won’t get lost. Since this is not a guided tour, you will not find a home base station with parking. Make sure you are as near as possible to the trail before leaving your car.

The hike is not very long, it can take anywhere from 20 – 40 minutes. It is not a walk in the park, please check the details below so you go prepared. In the end, it is so worth it! talk about doing exercise, breathing fresh air and enjoying an amazing scenic view of the mountains and the sea. We suggest that you leave a couple of hours afternoon, that way the sun treats you well and you can take amazing pictures. Remember to check the current sunset and plan to head back with enough time.

Two people on a hiking experience at Pico Rodadero
Pico Rodadero
What to take:
  1. Enough water inside a backpack or somewhere comfortable. You will need your hands available.
  2. Light clothing and good griping sneakers.
  3. Hats and Sunglasses.
  4. Optional pair of gloves.
  5. Don’t forget your phone, camera, and tripod.
Beautiful view of Pico Rodadero
Pico Rodadero

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What to expect:
  1. Rough terrain: Expect uneven paths, ropes to help on the steep parts, large sharp rocks to climb, and dangerous cliffs.
  2. Ropes: Some areas have ropes for you to hold on, and help you in the steep areas.
  3. Large Rocks: You will have to climb over large rough rock and narrow pathways.
  4. Dangerous cliffs: Since this isn’t a national park, you won’t find security rials along the way nor at the peak. Please be very cautious and don’t take extreme pictures, a risky selfy is not worth your life.
  5. Children and Elderly: Make sure children are always with an adult. This hike might not be the best for the elderly with or without limitations.
View of Pico Rodadero
Rico Rodadero
Things you should know:
  1. Distance/time: The drive takes around 1 hour and the hike between 20-40 minutes depending on your pace.
  2. Parking: It is very limited, and there is no designated spot where to park, you must use your intuition or ask around.
  3. Limited time: Your time at the main attraction might be limited due to other explorers wanting to enjoy the view and take pictures.
  4. Difficulty: Moderate level of difficulty, mixed terrain (dirt, mud, grass, rocks).

We highly recommend this hiking experience at Pico Rodadero in Yauco! It is ideal for anyone who enjoys breathtaking scenery, and free outdoor activities for the whole family. On your next trip to Puerto Rico add this to your bucket list.

About us:

My name is Brangie proud host at Orange B Living. We specialize in Short Term Rentals Airbnb Hotel Style Apartments with all the amenities you need for you vacation or visit to the western part of Puerto Rico. We are located in urban Mayaguez, right in the center of the action, perfect for visiting all the amazing spots the west has to offer. Places like Cabo Rojo, Rincon, Aguadilla, Isabela, San Sebastian, Yauco, Guanica, are just 40 mins away from our location.

Getting there

Distance from Orange B Living: 1 hour 23 min drive
Coordinates: 18.103849,-66.8278195

¿Is there anything else you suggest we include in this hiking post? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you for reading! Hope this article helps 😉

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