Explore the wonders of a city like yauco home of Yaucromatic, a collection of colorful street murals that leads up to the completely colored neighborhood.                                                                   

Yaucromatic, Yauco

Yaucromatric2 is an urban and mural initiative by The Group Arte Para Unir (Art to Unite) that was created after hurricane María in 2017 aimed at increasing the local tourism to the city. The guiding principle is that “Art is not only for museums, but it is also for the people”.

Go ahead, put on your photographer hat. This will be a walk to remember. You will find more than 16 murals across public and rescued abandoned spaces, each with its own representation of Puerto Ricans abroad, social change, nature, the fight against cancer, and the role coffee played in the history of the city.

Art Mural with word Yauco
Yacromatic2 Mural

The walk is not very long, consequently, it can take anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes. If you want to see all the murals, you should certainly park close to the central plaza, and walk your way up to the colorful neighborhood. Above all, go prepared to climb steps, inclinations, and areas with limited sidewalks for the impaired. Also, hydrate as often as possible, however, If you did not have time to bring your liquids, you will find some spots where you can purchase water and snacks, most importantly make sure you bring several forms of payment (cash is preferred).

We suggest that you leave in the afternoon, that way the sun treats you well and you can take amazing pictures.

What to take:
  1. Enough water inside a backpack or somewhere comfortable.
  2. Light clothing and something comfortable on your feet.
  3. Hats and Sunglasses.
  4. A large umbrella.
  5. Don’t forget your phone, camera, and tripod.
Yellow and blak mural
Yacromatic2 Mural
What to expect:
  1. Street: Firstly you will be walking uphill. For instance, in some areas, you might have to go up steps, sidewalks without ramps.
  2. Sidewalks: Sidewalks have been conditioned in part, to clarify they might have interruptions for example; a light pole in the middle which makes it inconvenient for people using wheelchairs.
  3. Children and the Elderly: The road is not exclusively closed for pedestrians. Therefore please make sure children are always with an adult. This adventure is certainly not the best for the elderly with or without limitations.
House art in Yaucromatic2
Yaucromatic2 Street Art
Things you should know:
  1. Distance/time: Firstly the drive takes around 35 minutes and the walk between 20-40 minutes depending on what you want to see.
  2. Parking: Secondly on weekends you should find parking close to the central plaza.
  3. Things to do: In addition, the two things you will mainly find here to do are; take pictures of all the street art and murals, and climb to the top of the picturesque neighborhood. And while you’re there, help out the local economy by having lunch, refreshments, ice cream, or buying souvenirs.
  4. Difficulty: Moderate level of difficulty, because of the uphill and stair steps.

In conclusion, we recommend this city sightseeing experience at Yaucos Yaucromatic2! Therefore it is ideal for anyone who enjoys urban street art, art in general, colors, transformations, local culture, above all free outdoor activities for the whole family. On your next trip to Puerto Rico add this to your bucket list.

Street Art at Yaucromatic2
Yaucromatic2 painted houses
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Getting there

Distance from Orange B Living: 35 min drive
Yauco Town Plaza: (18.035184, -66.848752)
Yaucromatic: (18.038100, -66.848300)

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